Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces

Country Gardens is a leading landscaping firm that has been designing outdoor spaces in the Westfield area for over 20 years. Our outdoor fireplaces set us apart from all other landscapers in the area.  Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to help you design your outdoor space! Located just 20 miles north of Indianapolis, we are able to service many different locations such as Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, and more.

Are you looking for an update for your backyard? Here at Country Garden Landscaping, our developers and installers are able to create your perfect Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces. We help design and build outdoor fireplaces suitable for your entire family. If a fireplace is the first step in your project, take a look at our other services.

Other Services Offered

  • Landscape Designs
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Retention Walls
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Pergola and Pavilions
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  • Water Features

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Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces Design

With the always-changing climate of the Midwest, there are hours of enjoyment to be had at your very own outdoor fireplace. This will be the perfect place for all of your friends and family to gather during the chilly fall evenings. Country Gardens wants to be able to give you your perfect fireplace that fits your need as well as your budget. Our Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces are built to fit the design of your home. Depending on your desires for your Westfield fireplace, you are able to choose from electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood-burning with an electric starter, or even traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Country Gardens wants to help add value to your home without distracting from its beauty. If an outdoor fireplace does not fit your needs, we also build and design fire pits to extend the enjoyment of the outdoors throughout the ever-changing seasons.  We will be sure to create a fireplace that you will be proud to show off.

Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

Our fireplaces are a wonderful place to be able to relax and enjoy the cooler summer weather. Whether it is roasting marshmallows or cooking hotdogs, families can soak in the great outdoors in their own backyard. Your Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces will become a focal point to any backyard with the beautiful designs and masonry that we can bring. With the addition of patio seating, you can make your fireplaces as comfortable as your very own living room.

Designing Your Own Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces

There are many shapes and sizes that you can design your fireplace. There are many types of materials you may be able to use to bring in different textures and colors. Choosing a fireplace can be a difficult task with all the options that you have to choose from. You also want to remember that stone and brick materials are very durable and are weather-resistant causing them to withstand extremely high temperatures. Here at Country Gardens Landscaping, we have technology that can map out a design of your whole patio design to see how your fireplace fits into your backyard.

Staying Outdoors with Our Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces

Are you tired of the summer ending so quickly? There is no reason for your backyard to shut down just because summer is over. Your kids will love spending the evenings next to the glowing logs in your fireplace. You can take your fireplace one step further and build your own wood-fired oven so that you can grill chicken, steaks, and pizza. It is easy to find reasons to keep your family outside during the fall season. Your family will love you for it.

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There are many local codes and regulations that go into choose the appropriate size and location for your very own Westfield Outdoor Fireplaces; therefore fireplaces should only be installed by a certified and insured landscape contractor. You can feel safe in our hands, we will be sure to do it the right way. We want to provide you with an outdoor area that you are excited to bring your guests to.  We look forward to working with you on any of your patio needs. To get started on your very own fireplace, reach out to one of our representatives at Country Gardens Landscaping to get started today. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 317-399-7847.