Fishers Outdoor Kitchens

Outstanding Fishers Outdoor Kitchens

Fishers Outdoor Kitchens have become increasingly more popular staples in entertainment. Many buyers are drawn to their houses based on the elegance of their kitchens but think about the appeal that an outdoor kitchen would bring. There are many different features of kitchens that you may be looking for, such as islands or gourmet kitchens. Here at Country Gardens Landscaping, we have been creating Fishers Outdoor Kitchens for over 25 years. We want to help you from start to finish with your initial consultation, planning, design, build, and installation.

Let Us Help You Build Your Fishers Outdoor Kitchens

How do we help you design your Outdoor Kitchen? We will bring your vision to life by meeting with you to discuss staples that you would like to have featured in your Kitchen. In our initial meeting, we will be finding out what you would like to do with your Fishers Outdoor Kitchen (such as cooking, seating, or entertainment). All of our work is custom-created by our team and will be completely based on your ideas. We just need to know what features you would like to add to your own outdoor kitchen, then we can start working on a mock-up of your ideas.

Staples of your Fishers Outdoor Kitchens

All of the outdoor kitchens we design and build are custom. However, here are a few that are our most popular: sinks, grills, cabinets, bars, prep areas, storage, appliances, ovens, pizza ovens, shelves, seating areas, islands and much more.

Designing Your Fishers Outdoor Kitchen

When we design your new Fishers Outdoor Kitchen, we keep your full home in mind. We want your new space to flow seamlessly into the rest of your home. We want the materials and appliances to replicate your indoor kitchen to build the value of your home! Our designers use the most advanced technology to be able to correctly put together your dreams on paper before we start digging up your backyard. We let you see what we will be designing right away with our computer-aided designs, digital photo imaging, and landscape designs.  These resources let us add patio materials, arbors, walkways, retaining walls, kitchens, gardens, plants, ponds, fountains, and lighting to your designs

What materials do we use for your Fishers Outdoor Kitchens?

  • Bricks
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Flagstone
  • Many more

With the crazy Indiana weather, we build with the most durable materials to make sure they last for years to come. Not only are our materials durable, but they also come in many different sizes and colors. With all of these options, each client is able to find the style that fits themselves and their homes with ease. When creating your new outdoor space, we want to make sure it is a stress-free process for you and your family. We make sure that we stay out of the way and clean up all of our mess before each day is through. We look forward to the opportunity to help you create your new Fishers Outdoor Kitchens!

Other Projects Country Gardens Lawn and Landscape Can Assist With:

If you have new ideas for your landscape design, we can help you build them. Here, we can create unique paver and stone patios. Is your backyard too dark? Let us help you design a new outdoor lighting plan. What is a backyard without a little shade? Here, we can help you with pergolas and pavilions to block out those dangerous rays. Under these pergolas and pavilions, we can create comfortable and relaxing seating areas. Also,  For the privacy and safety of your family, we can set up retention walls that flow seamlessly into the rest of your design. Another fun backyard aspect that we can create for you is your own custom water features, like fountains and ponds. We can even create your own outdoor fireplaces that your family will spend countless nights by, cooking s’mores! These are only a few of the many things that you can do with your outdoor space.

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We cannot wait to help you bring your ideas to life in your new Fishers Outdoor Kitchen. We want to provide you a amazing kitchen that stays within your budget, yet adds value to your home! At Country Gardens Landscaping, we want to continue to think outside the box to create your perfect outdoor space. If you have any questions or cannot wait to get started building, please contact us today at 317-339-7847 or email us at [email protected].