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Country Gardens has been serving Zionsville and cities all around it for over 20 years. Our design, build and install company has worked on all styles of projects and all types of homes. We enjoy creating outdoor living areas for our clients to escape and getaway after a long day at work and with their families to catch up. Creating an outdoor oasis provides our clients with a comfortable, yet functional addition to their Zionsville home.

As an experienced landscape design company, we know all the factors that go into planning an outdoor living area. Our creative designs can transform an ordinary backyard, into an outdoor sanctuary. Every design we create is custom and tailored to the needs of our clients. We can add water features, plants, and hardscape to personalize your space and also correlate with the items that are already present.

An outdoor living or dining room to entertain your guests. Create a spot where you can relax after a busy day and or have parties. You can add outdoor sofas and a table to provide seating for you and your family. Serve drinks and food at the dining table. Taylor this all together and you have the start of an outdoor living area.

Landscape Design

At Country Gardens, we will meet your landscape desires. Whether you have an empty lot or are adding additional plants and trees to your already present landscape, we can work with any setting. We combine our creative approach with our landscape design and our knowledge of the placement and purpose of each item that we use for your Zionsville Outdoor Living Areas. We are also familiar with the site’s public/private zones and codes in the area.

The landscape design includes everything in the hardscape and softscape areas. Hardscape is everything that is not planting items that are not alive and do not grow. Softscape is everything else, which includes the soil, plants, flowers, and color schemes. Creating hardscape designs that when installed will be stationary and do not change. These are items such as pavers, decks, pergolas, retention walls, patios, etc. Softscapes can change due to planting and certain plants and flowering taking over the area. These are all items we discuss and plan on while surveying your land.

After we have our initial meeting, we will create an outdoor living space design for you to view electronically. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the most up-to-date software, your vision comes to life.

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