Indianapolis Outdoor Fireplace

Country Gardens Landscaping has Indianapolis landscape designers and installers on staff to get your landscape design and installation done efficiently and properly. With the help of Country Garden’s team of skilled professionals, we will assist you with the design and build of your entire Indianapolis outdoor custom fireplace or fire pit project.

Benefits of an Indianapolis Outdoor Fireplace

Built for their warmth, their ambiance, and their ability to be a source of food preparation, outdoor masonry fireplaces, and fire pits turn boring backyards into cozy outdoor living spaces where guests can kick back and relax even when there’s a cool breeze in the Indianapolis area.

On an outdoor patio, custom masonry fireplaces frequently become a landscaping design focal point around which furniture and other outdoor living space features are centered around.

Indianapolis Outdoor Fireplace Design

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your backyard can be a great investment that brings tons of enjoyment to both your family and friends. At Country Gardens we build some of the best outdoor fireplaces in the Indianapolis area and we can customize them to specifically meet both your needs as well as your budget.

From electric and gas fireplace models to traditional wood-burning ones, our landscape design services will bring your outdoor fireplace landscape ideas to life with our computer-based landscaping design software.

The addition of an Indianapolis Outdoor Fireplace or fire pit to your backyard landscaping or patio design will extend the enjoyment of the outdoors throughout the changing Indianapolis seasons for you and your houseguests.

Find the best outdoor fireplace design for your needs! 

Indianapolis Outdoor Fireplaces and fire pits come in a variety of shapes and styles. Choosing the best fit for your outdoor living space can be a difficult task, considering all of the options in fireplace design, size, and type. To help make the decision a little easier, it’s important to remember that a real wood-burning masonry fireplace is frequently made out of stone or brick material. Stone and brick are amazing materials to work with when building an outdoor fireplace because they are weather resistant and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

An outdoor fireplace will give you more reason to stay outdoors

An outdoor fireplace can be installed in your backyard, deck area, patio, or even garden area. A lot of Indianapolis residents love the idea of having outdoor fireplaces because it creates a warm ambiance, allowing yourself and your company to enjoy the outdoors even during the cold winter months. In addition to providing warmth, many people are using them as a wood-fired oven where they can grill chicken, steaks, pizza, and even roast marshmallows!

Country Gardens has many other features that can complement your new fire pit or fireplace:

  • Paver, natural stone and concrete patios, travertine patios
  • Outdoor kitchens and living areas
  • Rock & perennial gardens
  • Ponds, fountains & water features
  • Low-voltage lighting

All of these features will add even more comfort and value to your backyard.  We pay close attention to detail and have a gallery of landscaping design results that reflect this. Feel free to browse over our website and check out some of the other projects that we’ve custom-created to enhance other clients’ backyards.

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Because of safety issues and the importance of choosing the appropriate size and location for your fire pit, outdoor fireplaces should only be installed by a professional landscaping contractor. These contractors build fireplaces and fire pits according to local codes and building regulations in your area.

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