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Country Gardens and Lawn Landscape have been performing tree pruning services for over 20 years in the Indianapolis area. It does not matter how large or small your project is, we take pride in providing the best landscaping services to our Indianapolis clients. We will ensure that your yard will look appealing to all and enhance the beauty of your home. Our expert experience in tree pruning, re-mulching, and spring clean-ups makes us the ideal company to choose for all of your Indianapolis landscaping needs.

Importance of Tree Pruning

Tree pruning, trimming, or cutting does not stop after the first year or so of having a tree. This is an ongoing process throughout the entire life of the tree. Once you have your tree planted, early pruning is very important to keep it alive and looking beautiful. During the first few years of a tree’s life, you need to maintain it, so it can grow and become a strong, healthy tree. This will affect the strength, shape, and life span of your Indianapolis tree. Not only will proper pruning save you money in the long run, but it will provide you with a healthier, strong, easy-to-maintain tree.

Reasons for Tree Pruning Indianapolis

There are many reasons that you want to prune your Indianapolis tree. Let’s take a look at a few of them below:

  • Aesthetics – Pruning a tree efficiently will help maintain the overall appearance of the tree. This includes its shape and size of it. When we prune your trees, we keep the natural shape and size into consideration. You never want to distort a tree to get an unnatural appearance.
  • Safety – Having dead or broken branches and limbs can be a safety hazard. If these are not maintained, they can fall and harm someone or something. It is best to keep your trees trimmed. If the branches of a tree obstruct your view in a way that can be dangerous, it is best to call your tree pruning Indianapolis company. If they are near power lines, do not mess with any of these branches, it is best to contact a professional for safety reasons.
  • Health – If your tree has been infected or hit/struck in part of an Indianapolis storm, there is a strategic pruning process that can help save it and make it alive and healthy again. This is where Country Gardens, and tree pruning experts can help. We can thin the crown to allow airflow in and keep the tree alive.


Time of Year to Tree Pruning Indianapolis

At Country Gardens, we have been in the landscaping industry for numerous years and are familiar with the best time to prune your tree. The ideal time is when the tree is dormant, which is usually in late fall to early spring. Since the tree is not active, the removal of any branches and limbs is less stressful for the tree. The leaves also will either have fallen off or are just arriving, therefore it is much easier to view problem areas. The tree will be able to recover before the growing season begins. The worst time to prune your tree is late spring and early summer when the trees and leaves are expanding and the tree needs its energy to grow at these times.

Tree Pruning Indianapolis Within Your Budget

Indianapolis tree pruning will keep your yard looking healthy and appealing to you and your guests. Not only will this maintain your yard, but if you choose to sell your home in the future, the appealing landscape and care of your trees will increase the value. The cost of tree pruning depends on a variety of factors, contact us today and we can discuss pricing and find a solution within your budget.

Indianapolis Landscaping Services

We pride ourselves on the professional services that our company provides and we will transform your yard into a relaxing and beautiful outdoor environment.

Country Gardens offers a complete list of services:

  • Paver, Natural Stone and Concrete Patios, Travertine Patios
  • Arbors, Terraces & Pergolas, Pavilion Rooms
  • Driveways, Walkways & Retaining Walls, Stack Stone
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Living Areas
  • Rock & Perennial Gardens
  • Trees, Shrubs & Plantings
  • Spring Clean-ups
  • Tree Pruning
  • Re mulching
  • Ponds, Fountains & Water Features
  • Sod & Seeded Lawns
  • Low-Voltage Lighting

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