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At Country Gardens Landscaping we are a full-service Residential Landscaping company that can transform your traditional outdoor space into anything you have in mind. We will help to develop a landscaping plan that aligns with your lifestyle, vision, and of course your budget. With your ideas and budget in mind, we will put together a digital landscaping design plan that brings your ideas to reality before we hit the ground.

Leave the dirty work to us while still getting to apply your own personal touch! Country Gardens Landscaping is a Residential Landscaping Westfield company that turns your napkin sketch dreams into reality. A well-designed landscape design, properly installed and maintained, adds extreme value to your home’s property and enhances your time spent outdoors. There is no limit to your imagination and our team’s creation.

Residential Landscaping  in Westfield

Let Residential Landscaping Westfield, Country Gardens, Transform Your Space!
Looking for new outdoor living space at your Westfield home? Imagine a new pool, waterfall oasis, a small pond, or a new walkway. If you’re the hosting type a new outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and outdoor dining area. Our team can help turn these dreams into a reality in your own backyard! We are a Residential Landscaping Company in Westfield that is your one-stop source for all your landscaping needs! At Country Gardens we use only the most durable products that are priced to fit your budget and needs. We want to create a space that will allow your outdoor space to last long term.

We customize each of our projects to match your unique design needs. So how do I get started?

1. Our skilled team will have an initial meeting with you and your family to get an idea of what you’re looking for.
2. Then we create digital images of your design so you are able to view your picture-perfect landscape before we get started.
3. Seeing your design electronically will help you to envision your new landscape right in front of you.
4. Start digging! Whatever landscape you dream about is easy when you let us handle the rest!

Interested in the Technology we use at Residential Landscaping Westfield?

Our goal at Country Gardens Landscaping is to combine ideas of each individual client with the knowledge of our professional staff in order to create a beautiful outdoor living space. Our design and installation process will create an outdoor living space that will look great and even add value to your property. No matter what you have in mind, our team at Residential Landscaping Westfield will get you started in the right direction. Your fresh new look at your Westfield home will have our neighbors look twice. Here is a brief description of some of the cutting-edge technology we use:

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the use of a variety of computer-based tools that are used to help architects, engineers, and other professionals in their design and implementation process. All of the designs we develop on this program are labeled with a real photo of each plant, hardscape, and material that will be used in your project.

Digital Photo Imaging (DPI) is the process of selecting an image and plugging in real pictures of plants, water features, hardscapes, and trees from computer-based software. This process allows the customer to better understand how the final landscape will look when finished.

The Only Residential Landscaping in Westfield You’ll Ever Need!

Country Gardens Landscaping is a premier Residential Landscaping Westfield company that has been around for almost 20 years. We are committed to creating a design specifically for you. We design tailored designs that set us apart from cookie-cutter Landscape Design companies. We take pride in providing a professional experience from the first meeting to the completion of our project. Here at Country Gardens Landscaping, we respect our clients for inviting us into their homes. Our staff works to deliver the most professional Residential Landscaping Westfield services. The owner, Steve Tillman, provides each client with a personal hands-on experience during their landscape design and build.

“It’s our commitment to provide you with the best customer care of anyone in the industry today.” Steve Tillman – Country Gardens Owner

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