Carmel Outdoor Living Space

Country Gardens is your Carmel Outdoor Living Space Expert!

A lot of people define their living space by the square footage that exists between four walls. However, it’s important to realize that your home does not have to exist solely indoors, you can create that same comfortable and welcoming living space in your backyard!

In Carmel, the weather can be quite unpredictable year-round, and because of that, it’s important to enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible. If you are a person that lives for the warm weather, we don’t want you to spend your free time trapped indoors when Country Gardens can create a beautiful outdoor living space in your Carmel backyard!

At Country Gardens we believe that having an outdoor living space does not mean cheap, plastic patio furniture on a slab of concrete. Instead, we will build you a custom outdoor oasis with amazing outdoor lighting, comfortable seating, and even a relaxing fireplace.  Outdoor living space will be a great addition to your home for yourself, your friends, and your family all to enjoy together.

At Country Gardens, we can build you a custom outdoor living space that is either a natural extension of your home or something completely unique. To customize your space, it can be finished with stone, tile, pavers, or other materials to complement your existing landscape. The entire space is brought together through constant communication and teamwork between clients and our designers.

Here are some Carmel Outdoor Living Space features that we can custom build just for you: 

  • Outdoor Kitchenettes
  • Dining Areas
  • Fireplaces or Fire Pits
  • Conversation nooks
  • Pergolas
  • Pavilions
  • Built-in Barbecues
  • Trellises
  • Waterfalls

Now you know a few options for your new space, Let’s talk more in-depth about some outdoor features that might suit your needs!

Carmel Outdoor Living Space – What your home deserves!

Seating Areas

Bring the party outdoors by creating a perfect place for the family to gather. Adding an outdoor patio to your Carmel home will create a quiet place to relax and kick back after a long day at work, as well as serve as ample seating for your family and your guests. Our conversation nooks are perfect spots to sit back and enjoy the fresh air while reading the newspaper or skimming a magazine. Have a fireplace or fire pit? Bring everyone together around the fire with custom-built seating areas. If you build an outdoor kitchenette,  we can build you an outdoor dining area to enjoy your meal. These areas will be designed and installed based on your needs. Schedule a consultation today to begin transforming the most comfortable seating for your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Areas

A kitchenette or dining area are great outdoor features we can add to your new space to increase the functionality of your outdoor living space. Custom-built kitchens are becoming more popular in outdoor spaces as barbecuing has transformed into more than using a stand-alone grill. When designing an outdoor kitchen for your home, we will take care of all gas, water, and electric hook-ups that are needed. At Country Gardens we only use the most durable materials that withstand any type of weather. Having a quality outdoor space will add excitement to your home, but also a return on investment as well. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to have your very own outdoor kitchen or dining area custom-built for your Carmel home!

Fireplaces or Fire Pits

Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits can be the perfect outdoor element your backyard has been looking for. They provide an awesome gathering spot so that companies can enjoy the outdoors even when there’s a slight chill in the air. Your fireplace can come in many different forms from gas-burning to a wood-burning masonry fireplace.  You can choose to install a convenient gas-burning fireplace, or we can custom-build a wood-burning masonry fireplace tailored to your design preferences. Fireplaces have low maintenance and don’t require much clean-up. Why not add one of these features to brighten up your Carmel backyard.

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Now is the time to have the backyard you’ve always been dreaming of. With Country Gardens we can build you a comfortable and inviting space for you and your family. Working within your budget  our design team will be sure to meet your specific needs and bring your dream to life.  Please feel free to browse all of our designs on our websites. If you have any questions or to get started on your living space today, please contact us at 317.339.7847 or email us at [email protected].